September 25th, 2006


Ok all you techno geeks

No, I don't mean music. This is cel phone talk, this is.

So, we just got a new slider phone in at work today. It's the t629 and it's basically the same thing as the t809 that I used to have, except ... not.

Pros of the t629: longer batterly life, about 3 hours longer, sleek and pretty design, a little more sturdy
Cons of the t629: crappy lower res screen, no USB cable included, the backlight doesn't turn off when you charge it and grainy sound, when I've got no signal, it keeps asking if I want to 'search for signal' or 'no auto-adjust of time & date avaialble'

Pros of the t809: nice screen, really nice sound, swivil camera, nice menu interface, mighty cord of USB free ringtone-ess
Cons of the t809: bad battery life

Uhm ... so I know I complained that the t809 had shitty battery life, because when I was in the hospital and calling people a lot it was dying a lot on me. But ... I never really use my phone to call people any more. I hardly use my 600 minutes a month. I just don't knoooow! I read other peoples reactions to both phones, they seem to like the t629. I just know that no matter what, a new remake will come out. Should I just wait? Damnit, cellphones are like computers. Or cameras. Or any other electronic gadget.

Should I give this t629 a whirl? Or look for some OTHER slide phone? I really like slide phones. I really don't like the Razr. I trust Samsung. Meh, what to doooo?!

Holy SHIT who fed Dean a big mushroom?! :O
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