September 22nd, 2006


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I knew that graduating wasn't going to be as easy as "Sign this, we'll send your diploma in 10 to 12 weeks." I just got a lovely letter from DePaul saying that I have an outstanding balance. O ... kay. Considering you fuckers said I had TOO MUCH MONEY and told me to GO GET IT, now you're telling me I owe you more? No, that's bullshit.

On top of that, I can't remember my password to get into Campus Connect. Pooshit.

Edit: ok, wtf wankers? I have no outstanding balance, just a bloody pointless hold on my account. Aaaand the guy that takes the holds off accounts is having computer problems. Lovely -_- Fuck you, real world situations!

Day off = laundry day!

I think I'm also going to head to Hancock for some Gryffindor robe fabric. Someone on hp_costuming was wanting a full Hufflepuff get up for $100. I laughed out loud when I read that one. I'd say $100 for the robe, without a patch. But that's just me ...

I'm thinking I'll just bring Vincent to YaoiCon, but maybe Jack too. But no insane amounts of costumes this time. In fact, I'm still iffy about bringing Vincent. I can't wait to see the airport security guards faces when I show them the claw ... I'll just tell them it's to protect me against the snakes ...
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