September 20th, 2006


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So, it looks like Bekki from HPEF Fandom Inc has taken an interest in a Chicago bid for an HP symposium come 2008! It's good to know that I wouldn't have to be like ... CEO of it all, and that she's taking the leads with this one. But I said I'd be willing to help her scout out possible sites in Chicago and mentioned the ACen hotel as being the best.

I just think it would be so fucking cool to have an HP symposium in the good old Hyatt that I love. I just hope they think it's a good space. Considering Lumos was about 1200 registrants, I believe the Hyatt can definitly handle about 1500 HP enthusiasts. Let's just hope the bible thumpers don't decide to have their retreat on the same weekend. Boy would it be nice to be on home turf for an HP symposium. No airfare! YAY!

Dana, I mentioned you a bit. You don't have to help, but you can. Bekki was talking 10-20 hours a week work-wise. Can't tell if it's paid work or not ... probably not. And I also mentioned a possibility of having a cosplay fashion show :D
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