September 17th, 2006


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Due to the graphic cuteness of this post, view discretion is advised.

More cuteness

Squeaky had 3 kittens. Oliver and Copernicus are the orange/white ones and the black/white one doesn't really have a name, but Dana has dubbed her Bukkake, which I think is just a brilliant name for her. She's the runt, poor thing. She hasn't opened her eyes yet, and Oliver is a loud mouth. Would NOT stop meowing, so cute. Copernicus has 1.5 eyes open, so he's the best pirate kitty ever.

So, I finally built that second shelf, moved the old printer table from my room into my sewing room, cleaned out some drawers and such, and moved my tv watching recliner.

I need something that will get multi year old soda stains out of white carpet o.o

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