September 13th, 2006


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I went on a cleaning frenzy yesterday at work. Put away all 10 boxes of stock AND threw out the garbage. That was a feat in itself. Gordana and I also cleaned the machines, which thank god it wasn't busy so it only took us 3 hours with both of us working on separate machines -_-

I had to give up my awesome Samsung t809 and caved for a Razr. As much as I hate having the phone that everyone has, the battery life is 4 times better. I don't like the way the razr sounds and the camera isn't as nice. But the Samsung only had 3 hours of talk time. After I'd played with it for a bit, whether I went on Y!M or called someone, the next time I would look at it it was dead. Not good considering I needed to keep in touch with my mom at the hospital and stuff. But the razr is a LOT easier to get my own free ringtones.

I've gotta go shopping today for polo shirts to wear to work, because apparently the shirt I've been wearing is considered a t-shirt. And I need new slacks. And to return some stuff. And go hang out with Dana. And visit my dad. And do laundry. And finish my 'Boys Love' decoupage project. And build that other cubed shelving unit. AND MAKE COSTUMES, DAMNIT.
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