August 31st, 2006


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Sore. Icky. Headachey. Bleh.

But OMG the insane work week is ALMOST OVER! And our two new hires leave me with lovely, lovely free time. I think I'm getting like ... 3 days off next week. OMG.

rvnclawgirl is coming to Chicago! And slappytanker in October! Not to visit me, per sey :P but I do want to catch up with them. *wibble*

Cleaned up the computer table today with my niffty file folder for all of my mothers printed out things. I don't think she realizes that I bought this file organizer to neaten things up, because there are still papers sitting right next to the printer. I found my Rules of the Game book from my video game class hidden under that gigantic pile. Along with other auction books that haven't sold yet.

BTW - I'm taking down my gallery. I've come to the conclusion that most people on there are complete vain assholes. I'm keeping my CPL profile, because it's not a popularity contest and simply does what it's suppose to: organize and catalogue my costumes. It's like a portfolio, which is something I need to seriously work on as well. This is another reason I'd like to get something a bit more professional done in the way of a photo shoot, to build a costume portfolio in preparation for grad school. Yes, I'm still going to grad school. As soon as I can figure out where the hell to go.
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