August 28th, 2006


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Today was surprisingly fun at work, despite suffering a small wound.

The boss and I laughed a lot, to the point I was slightly in tears from being unable to stop. I got everything done before 4, even the stuff that was due tomorrow. The boss was so happy that this week would mean an increase in our 1 hour percentages, I was just glad to not have Sue around to slow things down. I even had time to make Dana's Aunt a photo album of our Lumos trip to thank her for the Cirque tickets.

It was a rainly, dismal day all day which meant very little sales. Despite that, I still totally beat the boss by $30 in sales anyways. We had a lady come in and try to buy a camera at closing time, tell tale sign that it's fraud. She tried to pay with a check and didn't have an ID, so she split real quickfast. Probably fraud, but you can never tell.

We put together a shelf in the back room. Boss dropped said shelf on my hand and made me bleed. The first thing she said to me was not "Oh, let me get you a band aid" it was "Dude! Put it under the microscope!" Yeah, we have little kid microscopes in our store. Don't ask why. She's been looking for stuff to put under it and told me to like ... pick a scab or something. So I put my blood on a slide and she looked at it and said "Man, your blood is boring!" Yes, this is what we do when we don't want to work. Seriously, this job has its ups and downs.

I got another 'Jim' paycheck. I call it a 'Jim' paycheck because it was from when Jim was our temporary manager. He screwed our store up so bad. I found 1 paycheck in a stuck filing cabinet drawer and Boss found one today hidden in a folder in the back room that she was cleaning up. Yeah, $200. This is totally going towards my Phoenix Rising registration, because I so could've had it for Lumos. It was dated June 6th. FTW JIM, THNX.

I think I have a new favorite HP song. Harry in Winter is just so ... rich and beautiful. I can't describe it, but it just really makes me feel good.
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