August 27th, 2006


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49 hours scheduled next week. No days off. All I have to do is keep telling myself that I'm going to have one sweet ass paycheck coming to me.

Oh fuck, I still have to register for PR. So ... what is this thing that people seem to be getting that's extra? Is it worth it? Should I do it? Uhmmm ... help! I can never make decisions on my own!

So, I bought Worms: Open Warfare. And ... I'm addicted to it. I'm thinking I'm going to be keeping this PSP ... Isaac! Get Worms: Open Warfare so we can challenge each other!

Oh, so apparently our store won the ESP challenge. So we're getting Cubs tickets. *shrug* I don't like baseball, but I'll take free Cubs tickets.
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Just finished Dirge of Cerberus. Total play time is 13:26:05. I think that's 13 hours ... not 13 days ...

Fuck yeah, bitches. Longing plays during the second to last battle, while you're traveling through Omega, and Redemption plays while you're beating Omega for the 20th time. Yeah, you fight Omega a lot. Omega, Weiss, however you want to call him, same thing. Damn him. Cloud makes another dashing hero appearance for all of 3 seconds, and Red XIII shows up for a flash of a second. Some might say this game is just trying to squeeze as much out of the FF7 franchise as it can. And they're right. But I enjoyed it. Call me a slave to the masses, but I can't help but enjoy the graphics and Vincent's sexy, sexy ass in those leather tight pants ...

But ooooh the spoilers I want to unleash.

I really should play FF7, now 9.9 ...
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