August 26th, 2006


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Dana just text msg'd me saying she'd met Kyo. How lovely to rub it in my face. Granted, I'm not THAT big of a Diru fan, I still would've liked to go had I not had a full time job that required my social life to be shot to hell. Yes, this is me, bitching.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I have no time off next week? Yeah, this is going to make for one very pissed off Jules. Tired and pissed off. Good news, though. We got another hire, her name is Gorgina and she's going to be a lab/sales floater. And then I just found out today that the Glen Ellyn store is closing, so we might be getting people from over there. What does this mean? It means I may get a weekend or two off! Imagine that! But don't plan on that any time soon. The new lab hires will take a good few months hard work to get them up to par where I can leave them alone in the lab. *huff*

I want to make more costumes ...
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