August 25th, 2006


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I totally had a dream that Gackt was in my house and acting like my big brother, and I was hugging his leg and begging him to come to a pirate museum with me o_O

And when we got there, Barbossa was laying in a coffin ... and Will was crying over his dead body ... and Toby was there as Jack, and everyone believed that he was the real Jack Sparrow.

I think I'm not going to have Panda Express any more just before bed.

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Things to do today:
1) See SoaP
2) Go to Target and get more bookshelves
3) Not pick up the cel unless it's someone important (i.e. not work)
4) Deliver Jen's poster to her
5) Sulk about not being able to go to the meet and greet Diru in Wisconson
6) Do laundry

Sounds like fun!
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