August 21st, 2006


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Spent most of the day putting together a TV entertainment center and cubed bookshelf. I had to do something about that Darth Maul inflatable chair that I've had for EVER. And the shelf I used for my tv had exposed nails, holes in the back boards and ... was generally not safe. I think I'm going to get another bookshelf to put up right next to it, to fill in this gap now that the gigantic POS entertainment center shelf is gone.

Now all I need to get rid of is that ancient printer table that houses my garbage can and put ... something else there. More bookshelves! Maybe a matching one to the one I just bought that's sitting right across from it? Ooouu ... coordination!

Redecorating is FUN!

Redecorating on my parents money is even MORE fun! :D
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