August 18th, 2006


Dirge rant

Aaah! I'm stuck again! I've gotten onto the Sierra (which they call the Shera, which is ... wrong) and I've missed a few good spots on levels by accidentaly finding the cut scenes instead of finding more ammo, potions, and these little exploding tubes that are, apparently, important. Because they're in very hard to reach places and the little save icon pops up after I've blown one up. But I've talked to everyone on the Sierra, including Cid about 3 times now and I don't know where to gooo.

But they mentioned G! Some random soldier on the Sierra was like "I don't know what they're doing down there, all I hear is that this guy is called 'G' ... just 'G'." XDDDD


I haven't been watching enough TV to see the commercials, but everyone is talking about them.

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I really want FFV7:AC yaoi smut and I'm too lazy to go find it. Anyone wanna rec me some fanfic? Anything with Vincent and/or the silver haired men would be lovely.

I've been having a bad last few days, blowing up at my mom and dad again. Yep, it's that time of the month, and it royally sucks.

Inventory tomorrow will not be done alone, thank god. I'm bringing a 6 pack, I don't care.

I've decided I'm going to be bringing Vicent to YaoiCon. And I'm going to fix a few glaring mistakes on it, such as the length of the pants, the forearm of the armor, and the length of the cape.

New icons, again. I'm not high, but I am talking about Vincent ... so ... it fits. Sorta.