August 13th, 2006


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Fuck yes. 2 days off, in a row. *so happy*

Tomorrow I'm moving banks and changing my T-mo shit to my name. I've got super sekrit plans for my T-mo account come next week due to an awesome deal at work. I'm not telling anyone about it, because it's too fucking sweet and I don't want any of you to know about it until August 20th XD

Anyone have suggestions for a new bank? I was thinking Chase or WaMu. Anyone have advice? I'm looking for checking and savings.

My phone suddenly died on me today, after I'd charged it overnight. I hardly used it, I don't get it. Dana says that it only has 3 hours of talk time, that blows. I may not want this phone any more. The MP3 player is rather useless. Good thing I haven't paid for it yet.

I've also gotta run to Hancock tomorrow to return stuff and buy replacement foam for my window seat. It's old and crusty and needs to be replaced. I'm also gonna look for Hogwarts robe fabric, maybe I'll make my Gryffy robes tomorrow ...

So, the general consesus is for me to make a Mad Eye Moody costume. If you guys wanna see it, I'll go for it. Along with Dumbledore. I should buy my registration tomorrow.

This must be a sign. There are so many fanfics popping up with toking lately. Mrrrr, need mah fiiiiix ...
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My grandma in Pittsburg was diagnosed with breast cancer today. A 98% probability, actually.

This would make me sad if it wasn't for the fact that she's a bitch.
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