August 11th, 2006


(no subject)

Uhm ... boring update post.

Work still blows. I have the SoaP soundtrack, tres happy. Saw Ricky Bobby, hillarious.

I might drive to Phoenix Rising. It's only a 16 hour drive, better than 36. And I would actually help drive a lot more. And it might even be cheaper.

I hear Jesse might come. Rock on. Detention: Reflame! That's what I'll call it. PR is going to kick so much ass.

Now, just to decide on what to be ... any suggestions?

Here are my thoughts. I was thinking of having a Weasley day, get the whole Weasley clan together along with toshimasa as Bill (or one of the Twins?), truesalcove as Ginny, and me as Ron. Then all that's left is Charlie, Percy and another Twin. I was also thinking about doing Dumbledore. Of course, old favorites are going to return: Snape, boggart!Snape, 1st Task Harry and Lupin, along with generic Slytherin and Gryffindor robes. Possibly even a Ravenclaw one for Ophelia and a Hufflepuff one in case Dana wants to be school boy Ced.

But really, what do you guys want to see? What haven't you seen, that's within reason (please don't say Hagrid! :O )? Nothing stupid, stick to movie version things. No fem!Harry or shit like that.

Of course, if I get Barbossa finished in time, I'll pimp him out. Maybe I should make an IwtV costume, since we ARE going to be in New Orleans ...