July 20th, 2006


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- Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
- Put it on shuffle.
- Press play.
- For every question, put the song that's playing.
- When you go to a new question, skip to the next song.
- Ready? GO!

I'm guessing this is something of a "My life" movie soundtrack, yes?

Opening Credits: Hyde - Shining Over You
Waking Up: Watergate - Heart of Asia
Falling In Love: Disco Brothers - The Sound (Regeneration Mix)
Fight Scene: Kozi - Catharsis
Breaking Up: Run Lola Run - Wish (Komm Zu Mir)
Make-up: Prisoner of Azkaban - A Window to the Past
Secret Love: Kazami - YOU
Life's Okay: Freemasons - Watchin'
Mental Breakdown: Fall Out Boy - Sophomore Slump Or Comback Of The Year
Driving: Dir en grey - 孤独に死す、故に孤独。
Flashbacks: Twelve Girls Band - Take Five
Happy Dance: Schwarz Stein - Succubus
Regretting: Gackt - 君が追いかけた夢 (Sixth Day version)
Long Night Alone: Brancaccio and Aisher - Lovely Day
Final Battle: Rollergirl - Geisha Dreams
Death Scene: PotC2 Remixes - He's A Pirate (Pelo Verde Mix)
Final Ending: Plummet - Damaged
Credits: 再臨: 片翼の天使 ~Advent: One-Winged Angel~

Things STILL left to do before Lumos:

1st Task - cut out letters, do grommets and elastic on robe, make pants and hoodie, paint shoes

and then OMG I'M DONE. Ok, except for a little work on the re-done red bag. But then I have to help Dana. And buy gloves. And possibly a new bathing suit ... if I can find one for a decent price. Super Shuttle is taken care of, taxi will be called on Tues.

My brother is giving me a PS2 for $40. I hope it's a working model. He's also got a Oscar Nomination PotC2 DVD (which means better than cam quality). I somehow don't trust him. When have I ever trusted him?