July 18th, 2006


(no subject)

3 hours work and my 1st Task robes are about ... 50% complete. Not bad, but the hardest parts are figured out and finished. Grommets, embroidery, patch attaching, elastic threading, and the hoodie/pants are all that need to be done. I just might be able to pull this one off :O

Thunderstorm like nobody's bizznizz around here, had to drive Dana back home in it only to find a biiig tree went down in the middle of their street, had to drive around and back up into her street to get her somewhat close to the door so as not to get her drenched. It was like a tornado struck, and this was BEFORE it began to seriously downpour. Dust was kicked up, debris was flying everywhere. Crazy, man. Craaaazy.

I think ... I'm going to bed. I'll wake up early to work s'more.