July 7th, 2006


Weee, Denver!!

Hello folks, from the wonderful state of Colorado. Flights went well, not too much to complain about.

Heading to the gate for my first flight, a asian family was on the moving walkway in front of me. Mom, dad, and 3 young kids. The youngest boy was flipping out, shrieking and screaming in (I think) Chinese. The dad was too busy picking up their carry ons and hauling them across the tunnel while the mom had to fight with this totally out of control boy. She put him on her back to ride piggy back, but the kid was quickly bored with it and let go, so he was hanging by his legs and screaming and the mom couldn't pick him back up and was screaming at her husband to help her. A man traveling not on the walkway dropped his bags and rushed to her aid to pick the kid back up. It was surprising to see that kid so out of control. Kinda scary, too.

Lots of complaining hispanic kids on the flight, I sat next to a Leiutenant General that spoke the entire 2 hours to the lady sitting next to him. I saw a huge firey explosion on the other side of the runway, got me kinda freaked out. But it was contained almost the minute I saw it go up in flames. Must've been a gas fire.

Headed to Denver on the same plane that took me to San An, sat in the same row, except on the other window seat.

Met up with toshimasa and we went to Jose O'Shea's for some margaritas and free tacos. We also met up with a few of Sam's friends, all of their names escaping me at the moment except ... I think Jesse and Alice? I don't know, I'm terrible with names.

Sam and Sabina (her roommate) have the most laid back kitty ever. Her name is Ivy and she slept with me last night. She smells as good as Susu and is an attention seeking whore, which is just adorable. She's sleeping scrunched in a corner of the couch at the moment. Sam is at work, I'm doing some laundry XD. I figured I should clean some parts of my Sparrow costume, I don't care that it doesn't look 'dirty', it smells bad. I don't like that.

Woo! PotC 2 tonight, gonna have a blast. I've noticed a lot of people on my flist have seen it and for the most part everyone thought it was great. Can't wait!

I'm watching Tyra, it's a tear jerker episode. Girls with bad teeth, alopecia (loss of all their hair) and serious studdering problems. It's sad. But the changes are amazing. Tyra is awesome.

Yay for Denver!

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"We're sorry, an error has occured in AIM Express. The sever has become unavailable.

The server has become unavailable, or you have lost your network connection. ALL AIM EXPRESS WINDOWS WILL BE CLOSED WHEN YOU CLICK OK.

[no handshake]"

That's the error message I just got. I particularly like the '[no handshake]' line ... FTW?

Watching Ivy cat nap makes me want to. I'm going to miss her when I leave :(