July 1st, 2006


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Ho-ly shit, could they cram any more Johnny Depp shit on TV lately? Yesterday, I noticed many Johnny related things while channel surfing: Biography channel was running a Johnny hour long special, Edward Scissorhands was playing, stuff on the history channel about pirates, and Walt Disney World, commercials for The Libertine DVD (which I thought hadn't come out in theaters yet), and yet ... no PotC2 commercials.

I seriously fear that this movie is going to tank big time ... too much damn hype!

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I'm really thinking that some shit is going to be going down at Lumos, whether it be fuck'tards tailing us to make SURE we only have 4 people in our room or just general asshats that want to fuck up my HP vacation.

Why the fuck can I not have a good time somewhere? Why can't I just enjoy the trip I want to go on without getting by the book stick in the mud types on my ass?

Not to mention, I have no fucking idea when I'll even be able to START making my TWT robes. After that shit with PayPal and overpriced shipping and Patch Palace scares ... why the hell do I even bother with cosplay when I can't enjoy myself?

[/emo rant]

fucking hell, I should just turn my LJ into a PMS rant outlet -__-
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