June 28th, 2006


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I uploaded three videos to YouTube.com


My Great Hair Movie

Tavington is a Firestarter

And Cosplay

Yeah, I know. Clever titles, aye? Pay particular attention to the fact that the Cosplay one is webcam recorded off a VHS tape played on my 13" dorm room TV. Technology, WOW!

My Great Hair Movie was done for school. Looking at it again, I realized I've come a long way in 5 years. Or not. You decide.

And the Tavi one ... well ... yeah, it was done for Jenni, it was my first time using iMovie, and there are a ton of in-jokes. Go fig. I'd like to do more with iMovie except for one small detail. I don't have a mac/iMovie.

I just bought 3 PotC2 puzzles. I'm gonna go put them together and FRAME them, along with my Pirates Creed Dana got me in SF. I also bought DeathNote 6 and Bleach 5,6, and 13. So Dana, you can have 5 and 6 so you can continue reading (you lazy ass).

And I bought a PotC Visual Guide. I only read halfway through it because the second half is for DMC. Don't want to spoil myself! I just love how on the inside of the cover it says "Based on the highly sucessful films Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest" It's like ... they already know DMC is going to be a popular movie! Well, gee. Couldn't have guessed that by all the pre-PotC2 merchandise that's out there.

The reason I got the book was because there are most excellent full-body shots of 'stumes. And yeah, bansaku ... I'm going to be Commodore Norrie for SentiCon. Barbossa is just TOO crazy. His coat is like ... crazy patterned and looks like leather. No way. Not gunna do that.

OMG A WEEK UNTIL DENVERRR! Gotta tell my parents ... something.

Oh hey lilacwire, if you want me to bring anything for the pirate party I've got some ideas for prizes or raffle things and trivia contest ideas. When you get back from Expo we'll talk more.