June 25th, 2006


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Aaah! 11 days until I'm off to Denver to see toshimasa and lilacwire! And other Denverites. Gifts = done. Cosplay = not done. Need to go in search of severed toes, severed tongue and crab claw. Don't ask.

Hey Sam, how much will it cost to go to Ren Faire? And on what day will we be going? Doesn't matter to me. And also how much gas money you want. I need to figure out my budget and allot enough for Lumos because that is quickly becoming a financial concern.

Hey malfoymenace, got the patches in yesterday. They look sooo awesome. I am jealous of your Azkaban patch *_*. As well as the drawstring locks. $30 total if we split the cost of the two combined purchases. Just FYI, I'll not worry if the money isn't to me before Lumos.

I need to decide on what I'm going to do about the ripstop nylon and sports mesh. Buy all online, search in fabric stores for it, go to Vogue and find it, but I'd like to try and do that tomorrow or Friday. I also need to search for decently priced cotton sportsware material. I've got the patterns and a few packs of bias tape. The letters I'll go to Hobby Lobby again to find something, we need stars too, gold ones. And the grommet puncher. Oh yeah! And Hancock is having their coupon sale, I think that started today. Oooh joy! Shopping tomorrow! *crosses fingers in hopes that PayPal shite will be finished before tomorrow morning*

Why do I get the feeling that I won't get this done? *sigh*

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You read the scroll marked 'DEBAUCHERY'. You hear the sound of shounen ai in the distance.

You are in a foul-smelling alcove. Carvings in the rock wall illustrate snucius.

You find yourself in a narrow alcove. You hear the sound of gensoumaden saiyuki in the distance.
Zeekart the gelatinous cube quivers before you (54HP).

You are in an octagonal storage room. A plaque on the wall mentions <3.
Malfoymenace the leprechaun is here (10HP)

Wow, this dungeon text game is the shit, toshimasa