June 11th, 2006


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Took the typical roll of film of me in my cap and gown. God, it's strange smiling for the camera ... considering whenever my picture is usually taken, I'm in costume and attempting to be in character.

We're leaving in about an hour. I wonder who's going to speak at our commencement? I saw a poster that higlighted famous alumni, the biggest being Gillian Anderson. I think it would be pretty damn cool if she spoke at my commencement. But it'll probably be someone else, who knows.

My dad just informed me that when I graduated from high school my guidance councelor told him that I wouldn't make it through DePaul, that DePaul was too much for me. TAKE THAT, BITCH!

That makes me happy. God, I hated that woman. She always had the worst make up job I'd ever seen. Her face was red but the area around her eyes was stark white, like she went on too many vacations wearing sunglasses and no sun screen. Heh.
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