June 5th, 2006


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I can breathe again! Through my nose this time, too! Oh Lord it feels good.

I've figured out the source of mysterious illness. My Manager Dana had the AC on in the store on Saturday and turned it waaay the fuck down, so it was blowing cold air in my face all day. So, I blame her for getting me sick.

And yet, I still wake up at around 7 am. I can't wait for the days when I can go back to a better sleep schedule.

I also stole a PotC2 cardboard display thing from work. It's for Kodak paper, you can get a free movie pass if you buy kodak photo printer ink cartriges and photo paper. But there's also a bunch of websites to enter into contests (which I entered all of them xD ). Dana was throwing it out, because we don't sell Kodak paper or ink, so I stole it before she had a chance to throw it out :D

I've been thinking a bit more about my trip to Denver. I'm waiting for my debit card to come in the mail before I purchase my ticket, but I was also thinking how I'd get to the airport. I see that Midway long term parking is expensive, I really don't trust leaving my car at an airport parking lot any more. Surprises will await me when I return. So I'm thinking I'll either a) get Jen to drop me off at the Metra b) park at Dana's and take the L. Either way, I have to pick a flight time that's not 6 am, because the L doesn't really start running until 5 am, and that's cutting it too close to my flight. I've never flown out of Midway either, so that's kinda scary in itself. If I can find a flight out of O'Hare that's under $200, I'll take it. But I doubt it. I might just want to splurge the extra cash and go out of O'Hare. I dunno, I'll have to see once my debit card gets here.

Boredome post warning!

Lolz. Melissa, I entered you into the Draco look-alike contest on hp_costuming. Hope you don't mind ^_^

LOLZ Dumbledore is a raver

Is it wrong that I like the song in this? Giraffes in the air

Mentos + Diet Coke = shitloads of fun. Seriously, this is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. I wonder how many bottles it took for them to figure all that correography out. It's very impressive, just watch it.
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