May 25th, 2006


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From Mugglenet: Helen McCrory will no longer play the part of Bellatrix Lestrange ... as she is currently pregnant and will be heavily so by the time they film the Ministry scenes. She is set to be replaced by Helena Bonham Carter.

:O I totally don't see her as Bella. Maybe Merope Gaunt, but not Bella.

Finally, the younger versions of Sirius, Lupin, and Snape (who all appear in "Snape's Worst Memory") will be played by James Walters, James Utechin, and Alec Hopkins, respectively. Also, Jason Piper will "play" the part of Bane the Centaur. Whether or not he'll simply lend his voice for the role, we don't yet know. picture of kid Snape here.

The news I've been waiting to hear! Who better to play young Snape than a kid riding a wooden horse holding a pocket knife? It's a ride-by stabbing, on noes! I think he's definitely got that Alan Rickman look to him. Good choice, casting director!

HPANA recently reported that Nicholas Hooper will be composing the soundtrack for the next Harry Potter movie ... Warner Bros. confirmed yesterday to Film Music Radio that he will indeed be scoring the soundtrack for the fifth film.

Justin? Please tell me this guy is worthy of continuing the series. Hh man, some tool in the comments section said that they should get Nobuo Uematsu to write the music for HP ... FTW

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My Jack ring arrived today! It's BEAUTIFUL and HYOOOOG. Too bad its one giant piece of costume jewelery that I really can't wear outside the costume ^_^; oh well. It's pretty, and I lurv it. Just in time for the pirate party ;)

Now I just need to run to Murry's to get a handful of severed thumbs to make into a necklace xD