May 22nd, 2006


Oh dear goodness ...

4 days since my last update? I must be sick.

Worked all weekend because the temp manager was an incompitent prick. Gotta go to Wolf in about 10 minutes to give Dana back her key. I really should ask for my own key, considering Jennifer and I are now the only permanent DG store employees. At least give me a damn pay raise for putting up with all this shit.

Sue is going to be sooo mad to see the lab come Tuesday when she gets back from vacation. It's really dirty, and I had no time to clean it at all yesterday. I was alone in the store for the first hour we were open because someone didn't tell the guy that was helping out where to go. Luckily I headed to the store at 11 instead of 11:30 so I could open everything on time. There were waste prints EVERYWHERE, stuffed under books and hiding in corners. That's not good. I don't understand why he doesn't THROW THEM OUT. Because that's what we're suppose to do! So no one SEES that we've wasted prints! OMG, srsly. So I had to throw them out.

I also had to do a weeks worth of control strip plotting because he just decided not to do them. If a District Manager were to have walked in that store any time during the week and saw unplotted strips, he would've been fired. Had I not taken an hour out of my busy work schedule to do them, I would've been fired. It takes all of 10 minutes to plot them in the morning after you run the tests. I just don't understand why he didn't even attempt them.

On another note, my capstone teacher 'finally recieved my e-mail' last night at around 10 pm. I thought that this excuse was saved for students, not teachers? Oh well, he said he saw my piece was handed in, so all is good.

Now, I'm off to read some stuff for animation (last quiz, dear god please don't let me fail it) on Tuesday. Also gotta catch up on the blog entries for my participation *huff*. That's going to take a while, but I gotta do it or I fail the class.

If anyone is interested in coming to the DePaul Liberal Arts & Science graduation ceremony, it's first come first serve at the Allstate Arena (6920 North Mannheim Road, Rosemont ... right by the ACen hotel!). Ceremony begins at 3:30 pm June 11th (that's a Sunday). You don't need a ticket or anything. It's not like we're going to fill the entire stadium. So come and watch me walk around in a spiffy cap and gown and get my $150,000 piece of paper, aka my diploma.

I'm thinking a party needs to get in order, at least some drinking. Either kareoke, six flags, or a costume party. Anyone have other suggestions?

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I just found a jump drive in the back seat of my car. Is anyone missing one? Isaac? Jesse? Mel?

If not, I'm claiming it as my own, mwahahahaa

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I think I'm attempting to make up for the 4 days of no posts by jamming today in with as many as possible.

I've decided on a graduation shindig. Pirate party, ARRRR! I was at Spencer's today and they have a ton of neat pirate bar accessories I wouldn't mind splurging on. But I'll need a place to hold the party. I would love Phil's place, but I dunno if he'd want to house my party. Maybe I'll ask. He just got a projector for that screen of his, and it's hooked up for the video game/dvd playing. So, PotC or KH2 or new DMC trailers can play in the background :B

I'm a dork, I know. But would you guys rather go to a Harry Potter party? I could subject you to THAT torture. Really.
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