May 17th, 2006


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Splash Mountain

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I have a migrane and it's the most inoppertune moment to get it. My project is about 80% done but I can't sew any more. My eyes, my hands, my back. All hurts.

Funny thing, though. I was writing my animation paper about Tom & Jerry, and when I woke up this morning to start working, I popped on the TV and, what wouldja know, Tom & Jerry comes on. And I actually sat there and watched it :) I loved Tom & Jerry.

Possible con schedule for the rest of 2006:
1) July 7th - PotC midnight showing* (not necessarily a con, but I will be making a costume for it)
2) Lumos - July 26th to the 31st*
3) WizardWorld Chicago - August 5th*
4) Gen Con - August 10th to the 13th
5) Nan Desu Kan - Oct 6th to the 8th
6) YaoiCon - Oct 20 to the 22nd*

* = definite attendance