May 16th, 2006


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I completely fucking forgot about my Animation research paper o_o And it's due today.

Oh fucking great. Now I'm really not going to pass that class ... shit.
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I just know you all ( read: Dana and Isaac ) will get a kick out of this ... I've been getting a little emotional whenever I listen to the HP 'finale' songs, like "Leaving Hogwarts", "Another Year Ends", and "Reunion of Friends."

I'm starting to feel all ;_; about leaving DePaul, despite how much I don't like being in school/having to go to class. It's going to be harder to see all my artsy friends, unless I move back into the city. Which is what I'd like to do if I can't get to England. I've been in school since I was 4 or 5. That's 17 years. It's just going to feel really weird when it's done. But who knows? Maybe I'm not done. Grad school is looking mighty tempting, if I can find anything.

Hey toshimasa, I sent j00 a Lumos expenditure e-mail. Look it over and get back to me on it ASAP. I send it to your badnewsdoll e-mail, dunno if you have another one or whatnot. NM, you got it already ^_^

It's looking like plane is going to be the way to go now. As long as we can find a flight that's under $300, including taxes, I'm fine. So far, Southwest has a few spots left on a $259/person flight *shrug*
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