May 8th, 2006


The day after ...

Well, I'm sore just like I imagined. But, alas, I must return to reality and boy is that a bitch.

Projects due, quizes to study for, midterms to BS. I'm going to bust my balls these next 3 weeks and it's going to murder me.

My full ACen report will come when I actually have time for it. But, in short, Jack looked awesome as Renji, Jen's Ichigo was the best around, I kicked hardcore ass as Vincent, Dana beat Stripper Vash to making Project G *squee!*, and I got a lot of stuff. Yeah, fun times. Fun times.

Courtesy of

This is the only picture I've found so far of us together. But, we plan on going to CoD to look for photography students to model for and get pretty and free prints.

Hey Emily, was that you guys that yelled out "We love your shoes!" as I walked out on stage by any chance? :D