May 3rd, 2006


(no subject)

I put on Sawako's Gin costume last night when I went to Jen's place. Man, the fabric she used for the top was sooo soft, I couldn't stop petting it! I told her to make me Urahara's captain outfit for later. I scared Keidy, too. She hates Gin. And I wore the Renji wig we worked on. Jen was so scared to take it off the wigform, so I just did it and it's seriously like a helmet xD. Jack came over and we all put on Bleach costumes and sat around and talked about mayonaise and made Jenny try the impossible Ichigo poses. Yeah, not too productive last night, but I so needed that break from all the action.

Things to do today:
1) Make Vinny's pants
2) style Dana's wigs
3) go get paycheck (I've gotta have one by now!)
4) go to bank
5) go to Hobby Lobby for 1 more Vinny' buckle
6) Go to Murry's for gloves
7) Possibly go to Wal Mart for belts (or just make them)

8) burn Vinny's cape? (will do at the hotel, methinks, with help from anyone that wants to help!)

It's good to know I can keep my sushi down. At least I'm eating something ...