April 30th, 2006


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"I don't like ...breasts!" - flaming homosexual Jon talking about chicken

"Ew, it's all soggy." "What's soggy?" "My biscuit!" - me and Jon, talking about his Brown's Chicken biscuit

"If I had a dick, I'd wave it at everyone I saw!" - Dana

Urahara is officially DONE DONE FUCKING DONE YAY! The hat doesn't look too bad. And I sewed together Kami's sleeves. Yay, I'm helpful!

Plan for tomorrow: finish Vinny shirt, attach claw/arm to glove/shirt, featherize Kozi.

I can do this. I know I can.
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I did it again! And I did it worse! OW! Oh my gawd ow. I can't believe the pain I'm in right now. I want to curl up in a ball and die. This time it got my middle finger, from fingernail to first knuckle, covered almost the whole topside of the finger. And I got my thumb. OMFG OW *cry*

At least Kozi top is about 90% finished. It looks like a parrot exploded in my bathroom. I'm not going anywhere near that fucking glue gun ever again. I'll use fabric glue for the last feathered arm. It's a bit difficult getting in and out of the top, but it's nowhere near as difficult getting Dana out of her Black Stone top xD. She can't get it off without someone helping her pull it over her head.

Went to Dana's yesterday. Saw finished Merveilles Gackt. Gotta admit, Dana's got a FINE ass in those pants. Wish I had an ass like that. And her Black Stone outfit is done too. All she has left to do is finish G's coat and boots, style the wig, and make Kami's top which I helped to cut out.

Put shoulder pads in Vinny to make me look more big shouldered. I'm redoing the sleeves and I've figured out a way to keep my arm armor on. Just gotta put a few more coats of glue on the shoe bits, paint 'em and attach them. Still need to run out and get a new set of gloves. Will do that tomorrow. Oh, and I need to get belts too. Probably will go to khol's for that. Tomorrow.

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Great, tomorrow is May 1st. Which means I need to buy a new $93.15 monthly metra ticket. I don't have that money. Grr. I don't know what to do. Getting a few 10-rides will cost me more in the long run, and I really can't afford something like that.

I posted an n progress pic of Kozi and this cp.com member skabeam who always comments on my photos asked if I was doing Merveilles Kozi. Uh ... it's written right below the picture. She also said she did this same Kozi and that 'our necklaces look exactly the same!' except hers sucked ass. The beads were way too small. She's dumb.

I don't think that chicken agreed with me tonight :x

My hand stopped throbbing. Oh joy. It's a real good thing I decided not to do the gold fingers for Kozi. My finger is seriously burned x.o;