April 28th, 2006


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Things still left to do:

~ Kozi - make bodysuit, add feathers, use old le ciel nylons and cut the toes off for gloves, finish beaded choker. Optional: re-paint shoes

~ Vincent - add buckles and burn cape, finish headband, make pants and shirt, seal/paint/attach boot armor, attach claw, make arm and shirt buckles/attach.

~ Urahara - paint about 5 more stripes on the hat.

~ Help Dana

It doesn't look like a lot when I put it in a list like this, but in reality ... I feel very fucked. Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of shit in the hotel room Thursday night? I'm sure if I scare myself enough, it'll get done. But it'll be half assed, which is what I really don't like. But I have no choice. *sigh* I really need to learn to manage my time better.

Class last night was a blast. I spent it drinking tequilla, eating home made guacamole and salsa with chips and talking about art. I even took a shot with Shiro who was so worried his boss would find him that he kept rushing us as Rene was pouring drinks. I think he actually got drunk off that one shot, because he ended class like, 2 hours early. Not that I really went. I just sat and ate guacamole. Mmmn, Rene's mom makes awesome guacamole! Oh, and Phill stopped by, plugging his party that night. I was gonna go, but I was just so tired when I got home. And I had a paper to write.

Time to run to the bank and get sum food.