April 24th, 2006



*gasp!* non-cosplay post, but annoying nonetheless!

What do the Harry Potter actors think of you? by hailme
Random #
Dan thinks..'I wonder if she's a good kisser'
Rupert thinks..'...wow.'
Tom thinks..you're prettier than Emma
Oliver thinks..you're adorable
James thinks..you're very nice
Chris (Percy) thinks..you should be his girlfriend
Robert (Cedric) thinks..you're hilarious
Stanislav (Krum) thinks..'...wow.'
Who likes you the most:James Phelps
Who you will end up with:Daniel Radcliffe
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So, I attempted Kozi's top today. Eeeyah, the fabric is so suck-tastic that I'm going back to the drawing board and looking for a new fabric. Besides, the color of this stretchy stuff is so dark compared to the sequin stuff I got on ebay. I only hope I can find something that's decently priced. Fuck.