April 16th, 2006


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I love it when my parents think I can't hear them in the kitchen. I'm in the den on the computer, but there's still the hallway. It sort of makes me feel sick, thinking that they do this all the time while I'm on the computer listening to my music, being in my own computer world. Talk about me, say things that they don't like. My short haircut, the color of my hair, wearing a t-shirt and jeans around the house, wearing flip flops as regular shoes instead of what they call 'shower shoes'. Not that I really give a shit what they think anyways, that's why I do the things they don't like. God, I love it when I'm forced to endure a religious holiday.

But on the bright side, I scored $50 from my grandma. Urahara wig, here I come!

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Slogan Generator!

Some of my favs:
So Easy, No Wonder Jules is #1.
But I'd Rather Have a Bowl of Jules.
*That's Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Jules.
The Ultimate Jules Machine.
Life's Pretty Straight Without Jules.
Just Do Jules.

*All-time favorite!
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