April 13th, 2006


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That pot leaf cake was pretty good. Now that I know about that whole section of Mitsuwa, I have another reason to go to that mall! Mmmm, cakes ...

I bought the 4th book of Minekura's Salty Dog series yesterday. My set is complete!

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I've also decided on a Thursday/Sunday costume for ACen. I'm jumping on all the popular cosplaying bandwagons, which means I need to do Bleach. So, I'm going as Urahara. Lucky for me, I already have the shoes ^_^

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Hemmed up Vincent's top part of the cape, then hem taped bias tape around the edge to make it look pretty. So all the sewing is done on that. I also worked more on teh claw. It's not looking too bad, but I'm worried about how I'm going to attach it all to the glove.

Are Hobby Lobby's open tomorrow? Since it's Good Friday and all that junk? I also need to go to Burlington Coat Factory to find Urahara's hat and cane. Wee, talk about productive!

So I've done an estimate of my feathers that I still need to buy for Kozi. Let's just say that it's more expensive than our entire le ciel order last year ... how the hell is that possible? o_O

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Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift trailer

The only reason I would see this film is because of the gratuidous amounts of smexy Japanese men. I'll forgive the hick that replaced Paul Walker so long as there are plenty of hot Japanese men.

In case you ever wanted to insult someone in Japanese, here's a Collapse )

Oh lookie here! It's Stripper Vash before he became a cosplaying bimbo xD
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