April 7th, 2006


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Yay! I finally have a crystal clear picture on my TV! And I can watch tv stations higher than 45! Oh happy day. I feel like a young kid when the TV was first invented and her dad just brought home one for the family. I can finally see picture and not just hear sound on the Food Network.

We talked about machine guns and cervic's in my mural class today. It was a really wierd day. Let it be said that 15 college students should not be expected to gesso a wall at 9 in the morning.

On another note: LEEEEEEROOY ... JENKINS!

Edit: HELLZ YEAH! I GOT AN "ACCEPTABLE" ON MY W.O.M.B.A.T.! FUCK YEAH BITCHES! I feel like this grade is more important that any other grade I've ever gotten. Ever. Srsly.
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Best Bleach anime episode ever. No spoilers. Even if you haven't seen Bleach or even if you bloody fucking hate Bleach, you have to admit this video is l33t.

Pita kora suichi! XD

I can't tell if I feel sorry for this flute beatbox guy or if I should cheer him on for represenin' da flutes.

WTF is this? Why did I not know that they were showing Advent Children on the big screen? Mind you, dubbed instead of subbed, but I'd forgive my hate of dubbing to see that fucker on the big screen. This makes me very sad ... very, very sad. I want AC to come to theaters in Chicago, dayumnit!