April 6th, 2006


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Strange thing happened to me today. Concerning cosplay and normal (read: non-cosplayers) people.

I was in my Capstone class at school today and a semi-friend in class asked me if I was really into cosplay. Like, enough to know someone. I said I knew a few people, but I mostly know faces and alias's. He said if I'd ever heard of this one girl and showed me a picture of his friend's sister and I thought she looked really familiar. I remember seeing her in that Soul Caliber photoshoot with 13th_kingdom. And sure enough, next to the picture he showed me was the one of 13th_kingdom and her, AllStarAlice in Nightmare and Seung Mina battling each other.

It's rather interesting and maybe just a little creepy that ... this guy that's almost never talked to me suddenly brings up this strange little 'small world' connection. Or maybe it's just that cosplay is that fucked up that I can find connections even in one of my art classes. o_O

Other news: potc_costumes will be reawakened. And malfoymenace and I have collaborated on something. It's still in the works, but it's gonna be awesum maynG. Watch out for announcements, possibly after ACen -_-
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