April 5th, 2006


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1) I bought Special Edition of Narnia today. And a used copy of Snatch. Don't know why, felt I needed some new DVDs

2) I shall swear by rub n' buff for the rest of my cosplaying life.

3) All of the smaller cross accents are done. Painted, heat pen embossed. All they need is their straps and they're good to go on the cape and inner shirt. Still need to make 5 large crosses for the belt and arm straps, and then 16 buckles in 3 different sizes. At least now I know that rub n' buff does work, and it works damn well!

4) Needed new batteries, picked up the Energizer pack with the tiny toy Narnia snowglobe ... because I love little things like that. Like the pink shirt pirate I bought in Laguna Beach. And my Harry Potter coca-cola bottle.

5) I'm cleaning out my computer. Backing things onto discs, on a CD burner that's SO close to dying. Gonna take it in to get formated and cleaned up. I probably should look into upgrading it, so I can try to play some new PC games. Anyone have a computer place they trust? I've gone to Fry's for most of my computer work, but Best Buy's Geek Squad doesn't seem to be too bad. Same price, but I wouldn't know how to compare the two services. I know it probably seems dumb that I'd pay $60 to get my computer formated. I've been told by many people, "Oh, you can format it yourself! Just click the format button, have the OS discs in hand. When everything's erased, just install the OS!" Ha, yeah not that easy. I've had about 3 friends say "Yeah, it's easy. I'll do it for you." and they seem to NEVER have the time to actually do it. So, I'm going to pay some guy to do some simple tasks on my ancient computer. I don't care. I want to be able to use that damn thing again, not just have it laying around like a giant dust collector. Dad said I could get internet on it, too. But then mom said 'We'll never see her again!' ... which is true. But TOUGH LUCK! I gots ta be more of a graphic designer and less of a student :P

6) I am so thirsty. All we have is milk, water, caffiene free diet coke, a large Amp and a Fire coffee drink. I want cake, too. But I think I want sleep the most.
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I feel like a cosplay critique! (all good stuff, I swear)

I think I just found THE best Reno & Rude cosplayers. Evar. Here

O_O That Reno is hawt. Especially the almost nekkid picture of him/her(?)

If this Zack had a better wig, I'd like him a little more ... (I think his name is Zack ... Zacks? I forget. Cloud's buddy, that dude. )

ok, so I lied. Here's a bad one for ya. In fact, it's 2 bad ones, in the same picture! Two Vincents.

Eeeyah, when will people learn, no matter how entraced with satin you are at the fabric store because of its tendency to draw attention to itself for those that are shiney-prone 1) it does not photograph well 2) Vinny would never wear it. Ever. Not even if Sephiroth made him.

Aaah, another one for kyolicious's hall of fame. Gekka Mana.

And I'm done ...