March 18th, 2006


Cosplay raaaaant!

Thanks to the persuasive Dana, I've taken my Vincent costume on an expensive route. Velvet. Yes, velvet. Not real velvet, mind. But still rather expensive $11.99/yd polyester/nylon mix velvet from Hobby Lobby and a matching non-velvet lining that doesn't seem to work too well with the velvet when it comes to sewing it. I'll probably have to get some of that stitch witchery stuff where you can iron the pieces together temporarily and then sew through it. That velvet is a bitch to sew to stuff that isn't itself. I wonder if it's not meant to be lined. I really don't like just hemming things though. It looks so terribly novic to me. Anyone else ever worked with faux velvet and tried to line it? Oh well, it still looks damn sweet. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the bottom tattered part of the cape. The back looks fine the way it is, but I'm afraid it won't photograph well against the velvet side that is the capelet top bit. I haven't seen any Vincent's use velvet, which is what it looks like for the most part in AC. Next step, making buckles, straps and cross bits.

Merveilles is coming along well ... in that I've barely done anything to it. I've so far cut out a pattern for the top and sewn it together with muslin. The pants pattern that I got would fit both of my fat ass legs into 1 XL pant leg, which is just a little TOO big. Probably going to cut that pant let down to the XS size, yet keep the wide upper-part. Once I cut that out of muslin and sew it together, then comes the combining the top and bottom into one awesome full body jump suit. Let's just pray no camel toe will show itself >O Need to give my Gekka shoes a new coat of red and a little bit of a wash. Damn spiders thinking my shoes would be a good place to build their webs! And feathers, how can I forget the feathers? *siiiigh*

Speaking of shoes, it was a good idea that I bought the same Gekka kozi shoe and kept it black, because Dana will be using them for Merveilles Gackt. w00t. Her Gackt pants were being a real pain in the ass, and I didn't help much by doing a half-assed job on one side of the zipper that was giving her trouble. I just don't think either of us were in a costuming mood. Headaches, lack of sleep, it wasn't a good sewing day.
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