March 16th, 2006


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Jen bought me an awesome end of trimester present ... photo coming later from my NEU CAMERA xD (as soon as I figure out how to transfer photos onto the 'puter).

Dana's costume teacher is neat. I liked him, he was very kind.

Lunch at Bennigins was very, very tasty. Oh how I love you, artery-clogging monte cristo sandwich.

Found someone on that used the "Helm's Deep" foamie/rub n buff/sobo and elmers and water method for building a vincent claw. They even posted a video of how it moved. I have to say I am VERY impressed with the girls work. It makes me even more excitted about my own claw. I plan to work on it a little bit in the next few days. I already started cutting out foamie for the boots. I'm waiting on getting a pair of gloves before I start work on TEH CLAW.

I'll probably bust out a quick cape tonight, if I feel up to sewing (which I kinda do ... ) or work on making more of my beaded necklace for kozi. Gotta order feathers. Gotta order feathers. OMG feathers >O

Or, I could just play katamari ...

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