March 7th, 2006


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"Y'ever seen a yeti when a dozen condoms of coke burst in his belly? It's a baaad scene, man ..."

I <3 Robot Chicken. Are the episodes out on DVD yet? Or anyone know of a good torrent site to DL 'em from?

I'm a bad, bad fangirl. I didn't go to class today. Instead, I took about ... 5 hours to get dressed, head out to Suncoast and pick up my GoF DVD, go to McD's, then come home. I should've at least tried to ... I dunno ... clean out my car, maybe. Oh, I did some stuff for my Game PPT. So I guess that counts. I actually need to draw out some sketches though, because I haven't drawn anything in AGES. Man, that makes me a bad artist ...

Got our LA plane tickets. Leaving Thursday at 6 AM, returning at 3 am Sunday. It was the cheapest flight, besides it gives us 2 days to sober up before flying home. Dana and I were talking about how we'd schmooze our way into seeing the band out back by their tour bus or something, or even asking them out for drinks after the show xD wishful thinking, I know. But we've got Tony. He'll win the boys over! I just know it! I'm also planning an outfit, or at least I'm going to look for an outfit and possibly a new pair of shoes too.

I got my red boas to make my kozi wig today. They were packaged flat, that makes me sad. I let them out of their crushed bag, and they're actually not too bad. I should have plenty of boa for that damn wig now. But now I've got to order my other feathers from

Since I've actually got an extra week now (I'm done with Finals next Monday, the first day of finals!), I'm going to get working on some stuff then. I'll probably make Vincent's cape and figure out the buckles and maybe fiddle around more with the foamie.

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