March 6th, 2006


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I haven't written my 5 to 6 page Pompeii paper yet. It's due today. I haven't gone to the exhibit. It's not that I haven't tried, but it was sold out on the one day that I had time to actually go see it. I just have the Pompeii exhibit book now, which doesn't even have everything from the exhibit and a lot of long-winded articles in which the authors assume the reader (me) knows French, German, and Italian. No other sources. Haven't even picked out a piece of artwork to write my paper on. I just wrote my teacher an e-mail, basically begging for an extension. I feel like shit, I can't go back to sleep, when I desperatly need it. Not to mention I haven't even printed out the novel-sized stack of articles I need to read for today in class.

In other news, LA ticket prices aren't bad, now that I'm actually searching for the right dates ...

Edit: Oh, fantastic. My e-mail to the teacher bounced -_- Now what?

Edit #2: So ... here I am ... 3 hours later ... with both of my papers BSed to high hell. Using Courier New font really does speed the process, but I think I did a rather good job of it considering I found sources on the interweb that had the bibliographies, so they're not internet sources! And the exhibit paper, I just based on the book. I still want to go, though. Let's hope it's all good enough.

I'm going out to McD's for a celebratory double cheeseburger, bitches.
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