March 4th, 2006


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Why can't flying to LA be easier?

Yesterday, there was a lovely flight, $304. It made 1 stop, but it was SanFran so it wasn't too bad. We'd still get into LA before noon. But we couldn't buy tickets yet because we didn't have the funds.

I checked this morning. Now that flight is gone, ticket prices are back up to $356 and none of them get us in at a reasonable time.

That is so fucking weak. FUCK YOU AIRPLANES! I looked into "student" fares, but you need to get a discount card that's $22 and takes a couple weeks to get to you. So, that's a no go. I'm not even going to try my FF miles, I know I don't have enough or there will be black out dates. On the other hand, I found a lovely hotel that's only $78/night on

Dana's 21st party bash is tonight. If anyone is interested in going, there will be booz0rz, $5 cover or bring your own. We'll also have a hooka! Give my cell a ring for directions.

*sigh* Well, I'm off to SCHOOL. Yes. School. I have a lecture to attend for my Pompeii class, and library books to get. An overall shit-tastic day if I do say so myself.
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