February 27th, 2006


(no subject)

Hey Isaac, stop invading in my dreams. Last night, that fight with the old folks to get a good table at a restaurant for Dana's birthday was funny, but still ... cut it out.

Dana, Jen says to get 6.5 yards of red and about 5 of black. But 7 of black if I'm gonna make my pants out of it (which I just might). And granted, Jen made a good point. We don't have to make full length pants, so we might not even need that much anyways. I think we might even have enough for Blackstone with the 6.5 yards, but then again I was thinking about the lining. We should probably line that bottom half of the coat so it doesn't look stupid. Still, 6.5 should be enough.

I just checked my final exame schedule. If the teachers stick to this plan, I'll have 2 finals on Monday, 1 on Thurs and 1 on Friday. Wow, what a Monday that will be.