February 21st, 2006


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Yesterday was a somewhat lucky day, if you can call it that. Except for having lost one of my coat buttons, on the way home from Dana's apartment last night, I ran into that 'Hermione' girl from my Pompeii class on the El and we talked. She isn't as stuck up as I thought, she's actually very nice. So, I take back my statement on how much I hate her. I guess I should stop judging people based on how smart they are ...

As I was getting off the El to go to Union, I ran into Jen who was heading home from Sawako's place. As I was talking to her, I hear someone else call out my name. I turn around and it's CHRIS! Chris, who I haven't seen in about 2 years, who was in my beginning drawing class. He's back from New York, he's got a job as a programer, and he's heading back to school in the fall. It was SO nice seeing him again. I'd been thinking about calling him for a while now, but being busy with school just had me putting it off for the longest time. I told him he should come to ACen, because of how much fun he had at Reactor. So, that was a wonderful strike of luck.

Dana, Jen says she also has a website where you can get your faux leather. And, since she's a hat person, she suggested I get a felt hat for my Kozi wig. She said if I mention to the felt hat lady that I'm in a hat class or that I know one of Jen's teachers, she'll give me a discount. I think Jen said she was already having a sale anyways. Oh, and I've gotta pay for your boots. I got a "non-payer" warning from eBay. Even though I don't have the money at the moment, it'll take a good 10 days for the eCheck to clear anyways. I just have to remember to put money in there now, before the check bounces.

I also had a very vivid dream last night (or was it this morning?) about being in the Collapse ) Talk about a fucked up dream ... you know that you can't make this shit up.

Jen gave me 6 CDs for my iPod. 3 Gatecrasher Classics CDs (OMG *orgasm*), and 3 new Clubbers Guide CDs. The 2005 ones are ok, but the first Summer 2005 CD is awesome. Aah, techno. How I missed thee. I'll probably burn the Gatecrasher albums to give to Sean for mixing at Dana's party. Does he even do techno? Or does he mix anything? Gatecrasher hasn't done anything this good in a loooong time. Jen and I stopped collecting the Gatecrasher CDs because they'd been mediocre as of late. We moved onto Ministry of Sound stuff, but these Classics albums are just to die for.
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