February 15th, 2006


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goddamnit, my favorite teacher loses his coolness today >< I'm trying to sign up for 2 of his classes, but he tells me one of them is full. I know it's just that he won't let me into both of them because he can hardly stand me (xP) but now I have to take the most important class of my entire college career from a professor I've never had ... when Shiro's been with me for a while now, he knows me more than this other crazy bink will ... *huff*

The Merveille book arrived. Well ... now I know why we never found good pictures online ... because the pictures in this book suck ass to begin with! ARGH! There's only 1 picture I can really use to see any of Kozi's details. The motherfucker has sequin trim over the seam of the two fabrics on his pants. But, it actually looks like the sequin fabric is laid ontop of the non-sequin fabric, so that'll be a bit easier ... he's got like, sequin fabric gills along his ribs, too ... o_O or perhaps they're more like tiger stripes?

Dana, your book came too. And my sequin fabric from Bunny's amazing eBay find. It's actually better than the stuff I found at Hobby Lobby, so I feel a lot better. It was like Christmas today! All these wonderful packages with my name on them ... :D
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