February 14th, 2006


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Well, registering for classes went well. I couldn't sign up for two of them because of that one annoying as fuck waved class. Had to contact Shiro directly. Another needed 'department consent' to get into, so I'm getting information on that, and a 4th class I'm thinking of trying to get into the costume tech department in the Theater school, although I hear that the online registering will block out classes that you can't take (cos tech 1 is a theater student only class, I think). If I can't take that theater class, then I'm looking into an internship at the Goodman theater. They say costuming internships last about 6-8 weeks, that's perfect. Let's just hope I can fit it all into my school schedule, and that DePaul will allow me to use it as my internship class/jr. year experiential learning. If not, I could try using Wolf Camera as my internship! Hey, it sounds like it would work, no?

Went to see Dana's new place, because Isaac got the keys early. It's fucking huge, Dana wasn't lying. They're going to turn one of the sun room sections into a hooka pad, complete with candles, bean bag chairs, the hooka Dana's getting for her birthday, and possibly pillows (made by me ^_^)

Anyway, I have sushi to eat ... mmmn, dragon roll ... *gurgle*
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