February 13th, 2006


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No class this morning (Professor e-mailed to say we didn't have class), so instead of going down town at my usual time, I went to Hobby Lobby. Here are my finds: beads and thread for Kozi, deco yarn for Kami, super sculpey and shaping tools for Vincent buckles, more of that button thread I really like, a black t-shirt (for China Shipping shirt), some more feathers, and a poster frame. What I found but didn't buy was: red on red and blue on blue sequin fabric for $4.99/yd (Bunny, if you can't find any at your local HL, I'll send j00 however much you need), stretchy 2nd red fabric for Kozi, and foamie super value packs. They had no red pleather, but decent snake skin pleather in red and black (although the red one sorta has a lot of black in it too). And no plain red feather boas, w/o tinsel. I forgot to look for an industrial heating gun while I was there, too. But I might go look at Home Depot first, use up those gift cards I still have.

I also got all the information I need to know about setting up a bid team for a 2008 Symposium. I know luna_selene and probably Dana were going to help me out with this, but it seems rather complicated. Maybe it's best we leave this stuff until a little later. After all, cosplaying season has just begun :D

Is there *really* a costuming "season"? Cons happen all year round, but I guess seasons depend on what cons you go to. 3 months until ACen, isn't this about the time where I start flipping out? No, not this year. It's going to be smooth and not complicated at all.
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