February 9th, 2006


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So, that accident my dad got into a couple of months ago ... apparently, he's being sued by the other two people involved. Yet he was the one that got hit in the first place.

To make the accident story short, my dad was turning left. The light had just turned red, so he was caught in the intersection and was making his turn. When this 16 year old girl runs the red light and t-bones him. She then hits a stationary girl, while my dad avoids hitting other people and a telephone pole. The people that are suing him are the 2 girls.

My mom thinks they saw that my dad was from Oak Brook and is trying to come up with some bullshit about 'emotional trauma' after the accident. From what I've been told, none of the people involved were hospitalized. Just minor cuts and scrapes. So, I dunno what that's all about, but I thought this had been finalized. Or something.

The Kung Fu Hustle soundtrack makes me want to eat Chinese food.
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Waiting until 11 pm to tell me that she needs the computer tomorrow morning, when I usually get up to write up homework, is not very nice. My mom tells me this NOW. She's gotten really bad at telling me things at the very last possible moment. I don't even understand this shit that I'm reading currently. I might just not do it, claiming totall incompetency in the subject being described in those words. I'm just fucking dumb, that's all that's wrong with me *sigh*

FUCK YOU DEPAUL! Way to make my last 2 semesters total HELL!

Yes, I blame DePaul. Because in America, we blame everyone else for our mistakes.
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