February 8th, 2006


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After thinking I totally f'ed up on my Analysis paper for Game Strategies, I find that she gave me a 95%. I've also convinced her that the GoF game for PS2 is not worth playing, and that she's a fan of the books XD That just makes her so much cooler to me now, knowing she likes the books.

OMFG, I got Kozi fabric, when I probably should've kept that cash for ... oh, I don't know ... that tuition check I just wrote? Oh well, I got the fabric I needed and thought I'd never find, ever. So w00t goes to Bunny for that one. I also found a few more posibilities for Proj. G and Vincent wigs for Dana and I.

Frankly, I don't know HOW I'm going to do Kozi's wig. They have feather wigs at Feather Place, but they ... look shitty. I'd have to add onto it, and it would be hard matching the reds. So, I'm gonna go raid the Red Hat section of Hobby Lobby sometime soon. I'm actually lucky to have that wacky organization supplying craft stores with red feathers xD. Found a few more nice things at Feather Place for Gackt and Kami. Oh yeah, I think I also have another package of blue feathers that was left over from our le ciel package to send to you, kyolicious. If you want 'em, that is.
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