February 7th, 2006


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Gyah, I'm behind in the times! So, Gary and David are returning for OotP! YAY! Filming started yesterday in Leavsden! OMFG!

And just today my mom tells me that my favorite Aunt went to the Curious George premier (the one that my cousin directed) in LA and met a ton of celebrities and stuff. I would just love to go to a movie premier, especially if my cousin is involved in some way or another. Connections, man! I need connections!

Man, I really need to get in touch with him. He might be my foot-in-the-door to my own career in movies. I didn't know this, but he helped write the story for The Little Mermaid. And he's the first to render Mickey Mouse in 3D. He spent close to 3 months alone figuring out how his ears would work in a 3D space.

I'm DLing the Kung Fu Hustle soundtrack ... anyone want it from me when I'm done?

I put a Larine poster up on my wall, without having heard a single note of their music. I just think they look pretty and viz-kei-y :D

I just posted like, 7 books to my half.com account. Star Wars, manga, random text books and Weather books, anyone interested? Go here: My store

I plan on putting other books up later ... like, if I sell any of these old pieces of shit ...
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