January 30th, 2006


New icons! None of them are mine!

Somebody want to make me a Gackt layout for my LJ? I think it's time that I put GoF Harry away ... I'm looking for a whole new look. I suck at HTML coding liek whoa. Ashley did this layout, I've just fiddled around with it. I want something NEW and EXCITTING. And Gackt!

I used to make my own icons, but I'm getting behind in the times, so I'm just taking icons that other people have made for the time being. Yeah, I'm really bad with crediting ppl for their icons, too ... so if anyone recognizes their own, please don't be mad. Just leave me a comment and I'll give you credit, simple as that.

I soooo don't want to go to school today -_-

My printer is not printing fast enough. And my dryer isn't drying fast enough! RAWR!
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I lost my goddamn headphones and my goddamn FF7 lighter. And I had no pants this morning, because I forgot to finish my laundry last night. And my printer never finished printing out the e-res articles I needed to have read for Pompeii class today, so I'm not prepared for that class. And I was nearly late for my train. And I stopped at 3 different stores to find the same set of headphones so I don't drive myself MAD all day without listening to music. Ended up buying a shitty hurt-y pair for $9 at Walgreens for the moment ...

And I just had to take a quiz I was so not ready for, on top of also having gotten my first one back today with a pretty red F -_-;

And what am I doing now? Looking for pieces for my Lumos costumes. Because I want to :P

First task Harry/Cedric shoes

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000922I5Y/sr=1-115/qid=1138654247/ref=sr_1_115/104-8780890-0461546?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance <--Pretty boot shoes, no costuming intention whatsoever.

Project G boots

Meh ...